Bedford  Eastern Cape  -32.63, 26.03  ,1350

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Bedford kmz Thermals



Eastern Cape 2005 Bedford Comp tracklogs in kmz Google Earth format




Site has a tendency to get a SE in the afternoon, sort of a sea breeze.

G02074 is the Meetcenter called MCG, Mill Cricket Ground

Site Details

  Turnpoints in kml    and as csv    


Flying sites Bedford mountain   and Old Mill Cricket Ground 

The main mountain has a NW and a SW takeoff. Turkey is a bit tricky and requires good spot landing approach.

One gets there via the N10 Bedford Tarkastad dirt road. Check with local pilots first.  The top of the mountain requires a vehicle with good ground clearance.

There is a SE takeoff capability , but it is shallow bramble ending in a cliff with rotor.

For a SE a better takeoff is behind the MCG , bakkie only.


Use the Tarkastad turnoff close to Bedford


Facing the takeoff area 

Turkey landing

Where to stay


To camp at OMCG requires previous arrangements. Or in Bedford at the rock house.


 Where to eat and drink

  Purple Rabbit in Bedford. Or Bedford Club.

  What else to do

  Visit Addo Elephant park.  Play Golf in Bedford or Adelaide.


  Adelaide hospital

Alternative Sites