Bulwer  Natal



Site Details

A very good training and beginner site.
Gentle slopes at the 600 ft hill or at the playground flying site  for training.

The 1000ft, 300m , take-off has a long recovery. 



The last part of the road is very worn out


One can park in the saddle and walk the rest




Faster to walk up to 1000ft  with your kit if you are fit.

 Or give your kit to a vehicle and enjoy the walk up.

Easy to top land.


Where to stay

 Wildsky Flying Lodge with Hans Fokkens


  Mountain Park Hotel

  Chalet or Camp at the NIP Inn



 Ashtonvale Guest Farm  opposite of NIP Inn


Hillside Lodge

Tel: +27 (0) 39 832 0230
Mob: +27 (0) 72 716 3961

 Where to eat and drink

  Pizza Place  and Pub,   Haemishs?

  NIP Inn

   Moutain Park Hotel

   Ashton Vale

  What else to do

   Hike up the hill to some waterfalls

   Sani Pass

   Tea and scons in Underberg

   Horse riding at MountainPark Hotel , or  play squash

   Howick falls ?