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Sites to fly all within 15-60min away from Hogsback


Glencoe- New contact number Phone Chris 0825778976 in Gregs book 1.5hrs from


Dohne SW, S 1hr from EL

S 32 27.231

E 027 31.507

Elev 989

Phone Chris 0825778976



Queenstown Madeira Mountain All except E 1.5hrs from el

S 31 52.497

E 026 49.430

Elev 1750m

Nice and high take off, a Tar road to the top.

Beware of the power lines and game farm to the South. Pick your landings

carefully, recommended that you go with an escort.

Phone Chris 0825778976 at least 2 days or the Thursday before a weekend to

arrange the key.



Mount Shepstone 2hrs from EL

S 31 43.864

E 026 47.079

Elev 1990m

Turn off right if going in a northerly direction at S 31 43.900 E 026 43.991

drive down road and turn right again to top of mountain.


Cathcart SW, S, SE 1hr from EL

S 32 16.968

E027 08.523

On the East Take off park at the cell phone tower at the base of the

"pimple" to the northern outskirts of town and walk up the hill and find a

suitable place to take off. The ground is very rocky so be careful.

On the SW ask the farmer at the farmhouse then drive to the base of the hill

and walk up to a suitable take off.

Phone Chris 0825778976

Elev 1200m


HoggsBack 1.15hrs from EL

N, NW, W Take off S 32.35.315 E 26.52.228

SW Take off S 32.36.541 E 26.51.699 there is another take off past Hobbiton,

just past the Dam turn right onto a forestry road and after about 150m to

the right there is a clearing that needs some work it is a cliff launch.

Brilliant sites and some of many, huge grass areas to layout, plenty

backpackers accommodation, decent and quick Turkey recovery especially on NW






Where to stay

Dan at Away with the Fairies for accommodation options

0724926868. He will accept cancellations if more than 3 days prior to



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