Flying Site Paulpietersburg - Dumbe mountain

Northern KZN area, between Vryhyd and Piet Retief

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Site Details

Dumbe mountain, about 500m high . Sign posted from town center. Follow Paragliding sign on Natal Spa road about 2km out of town dirt road up the mountain. Road conditions vary.

Best landing on golf course next to country club. Watch out for power lines.

Does not take straight N.  Suitable for SW - W - NW or   NE-E- SE - S

To get to Turkey patch for NE , follow the Natal Spa tar road around the South tip of the hill. Then take the dirt railway road before the road crosses over the railway bridge.

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Where to stay

Camp ground near sports ground.  CostaPlenti and Dumbe Hotel. Or lots of B+Bs

 Where to eat and drink

Sports pub.  Or CostaPlenti.

  What else to do

Mineral spa towards Vryhyd.

Some game reserves .

Play bowls on the sports ground .

Go to the private Gym and play squash.

Visit the water bottling plant.


  Police station

Alternative Sites

Wakkerstrom , about 1-2 hours away

 Old turnpoints from KZN 2000 comp
  The 2004 turnpoints