The Dam  - Hartebesport Dam

Cable Car closed, access via 4x4 track, site might be closed. Contact 1st Para for details.

Site Details

Situated under controlled airspace. And close to prohibited and restricted airspace.

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About 300m high North or South facing ridge.
Cable car from the S to the top

Rated an Advanced site.
Basic pilots need a certain amount of flights before flying there.
And have to be signed off by an Sports rated member.
Contact the 1st Para club for details.

South takeoff is a ramp with a cliff take off.
North side is a shallow slope.

In dry season the site got lots of dusties, whirlys kicking off on the North side.

The site is under the JHB TMA. Maximum height gain from takeoff
is 700 meters.

Closest flying site from Jhb and Pretoria.

Predominant wind direction is NW.
One can fly maximum 30 km under the TMA towards Pretoria before one reaches the CTR and has to land at Macro or Laudium.

Where to stay

The Ring and lots of other places

 Where to eat and drink

The Ring, or the pub at the cable way, or .... lots of places.

  What else to do

A famous tourist trap area. The fleamrket at the 4 way stop.
The cheetah breeding center. The small zoo.
Tan Malie se winkel.
The Ring

  The trees grow high