SAHPA PC based Test System Installation


PC based Visual Basic Code that creates the Tests, runs and scores them

Prereqs for the Client / Server Visual Basic based setup

  Client Windows 95 or higher. Unzip utility required

 Server needs MS Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 installed.  See msxml directory for the SP2 update for IE5.5

  At the moment the code has to go into C:\stp to find all its bits and pieces


 run the setup.exe initially,
 later use the .exe files direct , if you want

Web based interactive Test environment to prepare yourself for the test


 A J2EE compliant server, like Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, ..


 In the JAVA directory either use the servlet based  stp.war or the JSP based JSTP.war file and deploy it.
 Both use the hardcoded C:\stp\data  or \stp\data to find the xml based test data.

  Overview of the Files Reference, what are which files used for