Roll Out Plan for the SAHPA Computer based Test System

things to do , Roll out plan

Advice instructors and members that SAHPA plans to do this  , done in 2002

Invite Instructors and members to contribute  , done in 2002

Post existing questions and answers on the web , done in 2002 and 2003

Present beta versions at Instructor Seminars  , done in 2002

Present trial versions at comps and club meetings for members to give feedback  , done during 2002 and 2003 comps and club meetings

SAHPA to decide who will be the workinggroup that defines the final questions and answers.
SAHPA to decide if those final qustions and answers are public or not.
One can assume the members of the workinggroup will be leaking the questions and answers to the public.
Once one has got  a lot of questions and answers then they can be public for the pilots to prepare themselves.
Initial approach would be to have them secret.
Over time the questions and answers will leak out.
One just has to revise the questions and answers constantly. And increase the question pool.
After a while one has so many that it does not matter if they are out in the public.

SAHPA to decide what has priority, the Sports or the Basic test? And if HG and PPG want to go this route and when.

Recommend to start  with the Sports rating test first.

Working group starts defining the final questions and answers

Have a web based version out for members to get familiar with the concept, done  1Q2003.

SAHPA to define an overlap period for old paper test to new test , done 26/3/03 , until July 2003

SAHPA to announce a time period for implementation,  done 26/3/03, July 2003

SAHPA to determine and find the "trusted" persons who will host the test in future.
For example persons with Laptops can become the "trusted" persons who will visit various sites and pilots can take their tests there.

  • Job description of a "trusted' person

  • SAHPA to send software copies of a sample test to all those "trusted" persons to ensure the system runs on their setup

    Find some candidates to be the "testpilots" for the new approach in Gauteng area
         Potential possible problem areas will be
        screen , monitor sizes will result in windows getting clipped, text to get clipped
          zip might not always work

    Developer to  fix any problems encountered

    Spread the test to some selected other persons in the country to host the tests

       fix any problems

    field test to all clubs in the country to have one person take the  Sports lic test

    Will schools be "trusted" persons?
    Previous history shows that schools do not comply with auditability and traceability and compliance.
     Recommend "trusted" persons to be independent of schools.

    hand over the code to SAHPA/AeCSA for safekeeping and future maintenance

       More info see Frequently asked Questions