SAHPA Test Enduser Overview

A brief overview how that test works

start by clicking on the icon

 The welcome Splash screen appears

If you press, select, click on Load a Test you get displayed the main window.
If you click anywhere else the window closes and you exit.

Some info and the beginning of the list of questions get displayed. the list is not enabled.
Once you press Start the Test you are committed to take the test.

The first question along with possible answers get displayed


 Select the checkboxes for one or more answers that you reckon are correct.
 Next will take you to the next question.
 Back will take you to the previous question
 Exit will stop showing questions and take you back to the list of questions.

  You can select any of the questions from the list to start from there onwards.

 Once a question got displayed it changes it status from TODO to SEEN in the list


  Questions and answers can have pictures.

 The pictures get displayed initially  cascaded, to ensure you are aware that there are multiple of them to look at.

Click on them and move them around to the center of the screen to see them.

If you are not sure about your answer and what to look again at the question later, once you done all of them,
you can mark them for review

questions which you want to look at again later, change to REDO from SEEN or TODO


Once finished and in time, press the Score button.


  Your results will be displayed


  A results file will be created which has to go back to SAHPA

  Your results are in an html file to be printed