Old CSV File Format

This was the orignal format.

It has now been replaced by XML
 SAHPA Computer Based Test CSV File Specifications

  prepared by Ulf Arndt


 Test  File Format used

 The question file generated from the master database would be flat file based, 
   in csv file format or xml. Which can be handled by MS VB or JAVA.

 At the moment
 The file extension will be *.csv  for SAHPA Test Format when using a  csv format

 The encrypted csv file format got the extension *.stf

 An question/ answers combination in csv looks like this ...

"id",time,"category","level","question","picfile",number of answers

     id = unique identifier for this question, will be generated by the server
    time in minutes to answer this question, the sum of all times determine the maximum 
     time to take this test
  Category can be

   E - Equipment, Technical
   N - Navigation, Rules
   A - Airmanship
   G - General , Medical
   M - Met, Weather
   I - Important, no fail , must answer correct 

  Level can be

    B - Basic
    S - Sport
    A - Advanced  ???
    I - Instructor

       picfile is a file name for a picture, can be empty ""

  Score can be 

    -100 to +100

   Multiple answers can be correct

   Very wrong answers can score negative

 diiferent databases or files would be used for HG, PG and PPG.
 Not keen to have HG, PG and PPG in one pot in case we have a mixup for whatever reasons.
 Also will ensure that no one mixes up by mistake a PG scenario with some HG questions.