Overview of the PC based Test System

By Ulf Arndt, ulfa at global.co.za, March 2003

The code got 2 main  software components which work independent of each other.

The test questions and answers are defined in  an XML file format.
All component share the same XML format.
XML allows that everyone can contribute questions and answers in this text based format which is close to html.

All software components generate random sequences of questions and mix around the answers inside a question.
This will make each test unique.
Every test will look different.

The test system can be modified to support different languages and different organizations.
Besides providing a test platform for Paralgiding, or Hang Gliding or PPG, the system can be used for any test environment where questions and answers are involved along with pictures in gif , jpeg or whatever format. Can also extended to movie clips or sound clips.
Different languages can be supported, by using xml files containing questions and answers in another language.

The Visual Basic (VB) based PC based Test System

The objective of the VB  system is to provide an auditable test system to enable persons to be tested under supervision of a trusted person.

Test questions and final results get encrypted to avoid any tampering with the data.

Main components are

The Web based Interactive Test

This code enables potential test takers to prepare themselves for the real test.
It is Java based and provides a dynamic webpage environment to be hosted by a webserver running Tomcat or WebSphere or WebLogic. Using XML with JAVA and JSP and XSL.

The test on the web works on subjects.
 Choose a subject , like Weather, Equipment,..  and then the system generates a randon sequence of all  the questions for thsi chosen subject.
 The end user can stop the web based version  whenever he feels like it and gets a feedback score on how he was doing.