If you want to download a zipped PC based test package  prototype to get an idea how a future test scenario could look like here are  some samples 

Tests created with Windows 2000  in 2003

 A small  12 question test

 A medium  60  question test

 A big  110 question test

 Tests created with  Windows XP  in 2004

A small test

A medium test

A large test

     Unzip the file,  then double click and start the SAHPA_TEST.exe file which will test your knowledge, mark it and create a score file
  Please do not email your scores back. This is just a demo version.

Keep me posted of what works on what Microsoft platforms, eg WIN 95, WIN 98, WIN2000, XP,....

Those test zip files have been created by random from a VB based program. If you want to create your own zip files, send an email to ulfa at global.co.za for the complete package.


If you want to ...
    or if you find a speellling mistake,
    or you reckon an answer is wrong,
    or you think something should get changed ,
 then send an email to
 ulfa at global.co.za
with the question-id and what you think is wrong and how it should like.
BUT THAT's NOT ALL.....  for every email related that you send me, I want one additional new question with at least 4 possible answers.
Idea is to grow the pool of questions and answers.
And in case you got any scanned pictures which can be used for a question/answer combination , send them to me. If possible, in gif.