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  1. General
  2. Secure the victim and helpers to avoid further injuries

  3. 2.1 Der Achterknoten
    2.2 Der Mastwurf
    2.3 Der Halbmastwurf
    2.4 Spierenstich zur Seilverbindung
    2.5 Sicherungshalbschlag
    2.6 Examples
    2.7 Storage of ropes
    2.8 Helicopter Rescue
  4. Locate the accident and request the CASEVAC
  5. The Rescue
  6. Life saving 1st Aid activities
  7. Self Rescue
  8. Water Landings
  9. Appendix Equipment
  10. Appendix Emergency Numbers abroad

And from 1st Para meeting May 2003 ....
After the talk presented by Rob Thomas from the Mountain Search & Rescue, here follows a list of contact numbers for you to call in the case of an emergency.

It must be stressed though, that the mountain Search and Rescue team only be used when a patient is unaccessible by normal casevac teams, for example: stuck on the side of a cliff, dangling from power lines or any other remote place where paramedics cannot get access to them.

The mountain Search and Rescue team have got close ties with the Airforce who usually dispatch a helicopter equipped with a winch.  For accidents where the normal Star helicopter has got sufficient space to land, it is recommended to rather contact Netcare or Star direct.  As the Search and Rescue team consist of volunteers who need to group at Waterkloof airforce base before being dispatched, the response time of Netcare and or Star is much faster.

Here follows a list of contact numbers in the case of an accident:

For 'normal' accidents where paramedics have got easy access to the patient:

Netcare:    082 911
Star direct:    (011) 805 1005

For accidents where the patient is unaccessible:

Mountain Rescue call centre:    (011) 315 0203
Rob Thomas:    082 652 1490
Jacques Tredoux:    083 376 8373

Write these numbers down for easy access.