Part 62 CARS MS Word Doc

Part 62 CATS MS Word Doc

From AeCSA


It is my pleasure to inform you of the status of the 26th Amendment.

It was confirmed this morning that Part 62, as approved at the CARCOM
meeting was submitted to the Commissioner, and pending his approval, this
will be submitted for translation and subsequently to the Minister for

If the Commissioner find material defect in the submitted regulation, this
will be referred back to CARCOM. It will then fall out of the 26th

Good news is that the long awaited AP scheme, Part 66 sub 10 is also in the
26th amendment submission.

There is some concern that certain terms used in the above two parts is not
currently in the Part 1 (definitions), and were not included in the 26th
amendment. This will be investigated asap.

Any further amendment to Part 62 will now have to follow the same process as
from scratch to CARCOM. I have been convinced that such processes will take
a few months, and not years as we had experienced upto now.

We are working on the first amendment at this moment, 1) Introduction of the
Light Sport Aircraft rule - Sub 16 with all the related amendments to other
parts, and 2) the medical requirement for hang glider and paraglider


It was further confirmed that the SB (service bulletin) issued by Lycoming
is indeed now compulsory. The AIC 18.18 / 18.19 has fallen away by the
promulgation of the 23rd amendment (part 43 amendments).

According to the legal section of the CAA, should you feel strong enough not
to subscribe to this SB, you may apply to the Commissioner with a formal
exemption request

This matter will be investigated, and the SAPFA guys is involved in finding
a resolve.


This matter will be clarified by the promulgation of Part 62, but in the
mean time it would appear that you have to subscribe to the ordinary pilot
qualification (commercial) and receive a Part 96 approval from the
Commissioner for the operation.

It is my understanding that the FAA, at their recent audit, pointed out that
they are "very concerned" with the contents of Part 96. The Legal section
did not want to extend any further detail, safe to say that they are still
waiting for the official report from the FAA.