Subject: [flycape] RedBull tangle

So how do you fix this???

Here's a photo of the pilot who hurried too much at launch - he had a tangle

in his risers, so he unclipped them, reconnected (with the left riser

through the D riser on the right).

He flew out for a bit, but then I suspect tried to 'fix' things (or simply

turn left) and the wing stalled. This was because the extra pull on the

D-riser heavily pulled down on the right wing.

The Fix? What he needed to do was to take his hands out the brakes, collect

the risers together, starting below the twist and moving up to the maillons.

Holding all the maillons together would allow the risers to start from the

same point. You will rotate a little in your harness (because you've lost

some harness yaw stability) but by using your free hand to pull on one brake

line at a time (or D-lines) you will be able to steer and maintain control.



5-6 Point Check

Diving got DIVEBAG before they go into the water ( Depth,... Emergency, Boyancy, Air, Go)
Gliding got CBSITCB (... Straps, Instruments, Trim, Canopy , Brakes ) as a check phrase before takeoff
And WULF ( Water, Undercarriage... ) for a downwind check before landing.

Has anyone come across a phrase that memorizes the PG 5 point check?

  1. Canopy, Layout, Wing
  2. Lines clear, toggles correct
  3. Harness, Helmet, straps
  4. Wind , Conditions,Take off clear
  5. Airspace clear
What would make this CLHWA. Not very catching.

Anyone got any better ideas?
Something like CLIPIN, or LETSFLY or ....... ?

 From Ronnie

How about WATCH

W - Wing, When, Wind direction, What more
A - Airspace clear
T - Toggels, take-off
C - Canopy, conditions
H- Harness, helmet, hold-it or fold it,

From Ian A

How about:-
C(anopy,conditions)L(ayout,lines)A(ispace clear around you)W(ing,wind)
S(traps,shoelaces)H(elmet,harness). . .T(oggels) which should read like:-
bet no one forgets it

From Rob Manzoni

For a more complete check, we include "instruments" in a 6-point check...

I Have Hardly Gone Any Where

I (Instruments: radio, vario, GPS)

Have (Helmet: in place and fastened)

Hardly (Harness: Leg-straps, speed-bar line free [not snagged on reserve handle]

Gone (Glider: starts at karabiners - lines OK, no snags or twists)

Any (Airspace: no-one top-landing, clear ahead and below)

Where (Wind: speed and direction - choose the right moment, gust or lull)