Pilot reverse launch going wrong

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This web link got triggered by a fatal accident due to a pilot on  a reverse launch turning the wrong way.
And then getting mixed up with his twisted toggles , flying into the cliff face.

To avoid this ....

 - Before every takeoff check which way your risers are crossed and
determine which way you have to  turn.
   ( My approach ...  Follow the direction the lower riser is pointing
towards the canopy,  when turning.)

turn left

turn right

  Most times it happens after an aborted takeoff and the pilot turning the "wrong" way , not turning for his usual reverse launch direction.

- If you managed to get it wrong, and get lifted up and end up  twisted, recommendation is to steer then away from the ridge using the backrisers.

reverse , control with backrisers

Mike Kueng demonstrating how to control your wing with the backrisers facing backwards.

  And if you got the bandwidth download the video clip   how not to do it. 

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