Free State Airspace info 20 Dec 2007 onwards


Outdated ....

Flexible Airspace for Gliding Activities

The Flexible use of airspace makes provision for the downgrading (making them higher)of some of the airways.

There was much discussion about the fact that the gliders are not on the appropriate ATC frequency. The airlines and CAASA where concerned that should aircraft descend or fly in the down graded airspace how would ATC be able to give traffic information to them about the gliders. It is a requirement to be on the appropriate ATC frequency.  The gliding fraternity have now given the undertaking that they will be on the appropriate frequency, without this the FUA would probably not be approved.

If you want to know if certain airways have been downgraded,  contact either Peter How in Gariep or Dick Bradley in Bloemfontein.

And the maps show that for example ...

  De Aar got an airway above it. starting at FL155, what means roughly a ceiling of  5100 m ASL ..
 And in the  area between Bloemfontein and Kimberley one has a height limit of FL145 , or 4800m ASL.