OLC South Africa Info

OLC  website   http://www2.onlinecontest.org/holc/

South Africa contact for OLC is Arnold Pansi    taifun at telkomsa.net

Arnold collects the R50 for those who are really serious about OLC and want to keep their flights at the end of the year for the final score.

When submitting your flight, enter a time a few seconds before as take off time.

If the flight is a big one, copy/paste the reference number into the saved filename and inform Arnold to approve it.

Instructions for pilots who want to submit GPS track logs for the OLC.

- Download from
the free Maxpunkte Software Maxpunkte code located at

Or use any other software which is OLC compatible.

- Install it on your PC.
On your first flight download you have to enter your pilot and glider details.
Use ZA as the country code.

- Register with the OLC
using the same pilot and glider details as you defined in Maxpunkte.
But make sure you use ZA as a country code.

- Download your GPS track using Maxpunkte or any other product which supports OLC.
Once you done a download from your GPS, confirm which tracks you want to use.
Save this track.
Then use Calculations / Optimize Waypoints
Then File/Save OLC as..
And create an OLC file.

- Claim your flight at the OLC website using the Flight Claim button.
Load the OLC file created with Maxpunkte
If the dialog offers a country code make sure you use ZA as the country code.

More info on how to operate the Maxpunkte code with OLC can be found as
a 2.2MB pdf file via

If you plan to also compete within the OLC and get your hands on some of the OLC price money,
then you have to pay Arnold R50 which he transfers to OLC.
Otherwise your flights will be purged at the end of the season from the OLC website.

Website Queries

All SA Clubs

If one enters  http://www2.onlinecontest.org/olcphp/2006/ausw_verein.php?olc=holc-za&spr=en
one gets  Club-Statistic


Club Ids

 Overberg 2873


For Glen  2859


for Xntrix = 2611


 for 1stPara and Cloudbusters = 2612


The Dam was created as one Club , 1st Para & Cloudbusters, but can be split up if required. Contact Arnold.




PowerPoint Presentations

How to download a flight for OLC using Maxpunkte code ,  PowerPoint presentation   maxpunkte.ppt

How to register a flight with  OLC   ,  PowerPoint presentation  olcsa.ppt