How to use NOAA to determine a good thermal day





How to determine the coordinates of your flying area.


For example, one can use Google Earth, save as kml , open with Notepad to get coordinates










Choose Sounding and a time interval



choose start time


choose time range





Windspeed in knots and direction at the right


Red curve is temperature

Green is dew point


Blue numbers on the left are pressure altitude



Good day examples






Example of a De Aar world record day



The green and red curve meet very high up, about 4000m AGL. Thermals will go about 3000m high.

Higher up the air dries out, no OD.





Bad day examples



green and red curve are close together = rain




Google Earth and NOAA


Create a PlaceMark and add in the Description






Too complicated?

Have a look at the NOAA Data Analyzer code available at