Which of the following statements are true in regards to an IPPI card?
1 IPPI stands for International Pilot Proficiency Identification
1 Has to be used in conjunction with the pilot's national license
-1 Is required to fly in a competition
-1 Is required for declaring a world record

The abbreviations CAA, FAI, CIVL, AeCSA, SAHPA mean
1 CAA = Civil Aviation Authority
1 FAI = Federation Aviation Internationale
1 CIVL = International Hang Gliding Commission
1 AeCSA = Aero Club of South Africa
1 SAHPA = South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
-1 CAA = Center of Aviation Administration
-1 FAI = Flight Aviation Information
1 CIVL = Commission Internationale du Vol Libre
-1 AeCSA = Aeronautical Control of South Africa
-1 SAHPA = Southern African Hang Glider and Parachute Association

What is an FAI sporting license, and when does one require it?
1The FAI is included in the SAHPA membership
1To fly a world record one needs an FAI
1To fly in a SAHPA competition on requires an FAI sporting license
-1An FAI card is only required when going to fly overseas

As a pilot in command of an aircraft, no Alcohol
1to be consumed 8 hours before take off
-1 to be consumed 8 minutes before take off
-1 is allowed to be consumed 8 meters or closer to an aircraft
1 is allowed to be consumed while flying an aircraft

On a small takeoff area ...
-1It is first come first serve, early birds get the best takeoff spot
1 rig, layout, kit up in the back, and when ready walk to the take off
-1 Just layout wherever there is space
-1 Layout in the back, pull up and run over the others equipment who were so stupid to layout in front of you

Who got appointed to administrate Hang Gliding and Paragliding in South Africa?

CAA Regulations for Operations of Hang Gliders and Paragliders are
1 Part 106
-1Part 62
-1Part 91
-1Part 92

Hang Gliders and Paragliders can be operated
1In uncontrolled airspace
1Between sunrise and sunset
1with 8 km horizontal visibility
1 outside of clouds
1 ground has to be seen
-3at night with glow sticks
-3in controlled airspace if the visibility is greater than 8 km

How does the SAHPA formula differ from the GAP or PWC to score competitions
1SAHPA takes into account the experience level of pilots to compute the validity factor
1SAHPA takes into account how many experienced pilots exceeded 1/3 of the winners distance
-1SAHPA rewards first into goal with extreme high points
-1SAHPA gives reward points for early launch
-1GAP is in German, SAHPA in English and Afrikaans, PWC in French

CAA Regulations Part 62 define
1License requirements for Hang Gliding and Paragliding
-1Airworthiness Specifications for Hang Gliders and Paragliders
-1Maintenance specification for Hang Gliders and Paragliders
-1Operating Procedures for Hang Gliders and Paragliders

A Race to Goal task
1Is a type of task used in a competition
1Means the first pilot in goal scores the most points
-1Is a spot landing competition type task
-1Is a glide angle competition type task
-1Means the pilot who flew the fastest wins the task

An Elapsed Time Task
1Is a type of task used in a competition
-1Means the first pilot in goal scores the most points
-1Is a spot landing competition type task
-1Is a glide angle competition type task
1Means the pilot who flew the fastest wins the task

Hypoxia gives you
1Increased breathing rate
1lightheadedness or dizziness
1tingling sensation in the limbs
1sweating, behavior changes, reduced field of vision
1blue coloring of lips, skin and fingernails

Within how many days do you have to notify the FAI of a potential world record?
1Within 5 days of the potential record
-1within 7 days of the potential record
-1you got 2 weeks
-1you got 1 month

What term is used for the force acting in the opposite direction to the movement?

Oxygen is advisable to be used from
14000 m ASL
-14000 ft ASL
-1at Kuruman 1000 meters ATO
-1at Kuruman 4000 ft ATO

S.I.V stands for
1Simulation d'Incidents en Vol - Simulation of Incidents in Flight , training advanced maneuvers over water
-1standard Inversion Visibility - has to be 1.5 km to fly VFR
-1Societe International du Vol, International Flying Organization
-1Special Instrument Visibility - when the visibility is less than 1.5 km one can still fly if one has a GPS

Lee means
-1 Facing into wind, the side where the wind blows from
1The area that is opposite to facing into the wind.
-1The conditions behind a cold front
-1The area in front of the windsock

Luv means
1The area upwind from your position
-1The area downwind from your position
-1The area around a windsock
-1The conditions after a cold front has passed through

Another glider is approaching you from your right. To avoid a collision who needs to take what action?
1You do. The rules of the air is to give way to the right
-1 The other glider has to give way
-10 Both have to give way by turning to the left
-1 Both have to give way by slowing down

Between aircraft of similar nature and in open air space, what priorities are to be respected
1Right of way to the one in front
1Right of way to the one underneath
1Right of way to the one to the right
-1Right of way to the one from behind
-1Right of way to the one above
-1Right of way to the one to the left

What does GPS stand for
1Global Positioning System
-1General Paragliding Society
-1Gliding and Paragliding Synopsis
-1Gravitational Pressure Spam

Who was the first Paraglider Manufacturer in what year?
1Ailes de K in Switzerland in 1986 by Laurent Kalbermatten
-1Fun and Fly in South Africa in 1990
-1Apparatus 1891 by Otto Lilienthal
-1The Flyer in 1904 by Orville Wright

What are the major fibers used in the paragliding fabric?
1Polyamide - Nylon
1Polyester - Tergal

Wing Loading is
1The ratio of the total all up weight of you and your glider divided by the surface area of the wing
-1The wing span divided by the average width of the wing
-1what you feel when you spiral your glider
-1The weight of your backpack including glider ,harness, helmet, .. what you have to carry on your back

While ridge soaring you want to overtake a slower glider flying in the same direction and at the same altitude.
1Between the glider and the ridge. In case the slower glider decides to turn he will turn away from the hill
-1You apply speedbar and fly underneath the slower glider
-1You overtake him on the side away from the ridge
-1You get behind him and shout at him to get out of the way

Paragliders and Hang Gliders must give way to
-1Power Planes
-1Aircrafts from the South African Defense Force

When air has to squeeze through an obstacle or around an obstacle...
1the air will flow faster
1we can have an Venturi effect
-1the air queues up, like in a traffic jam
-1the air compresses and we get bergwind conditions

While flying your wing , your left wing tip
1 will generate a vortex that turns clockwise, looking in forward in flight direction
-1will generate a vortex that turns counter clockwise , looking forward in flight direction
-1will generate a vortex that turns clockwise when looking towards the left wing tip direction
-1will generate a vortex that turns counter clockwise when looking towards the left wing tip direction

When you thermal in a gaggle
1You turn your head, monitor the space around you.
-1You judge the thermal core by the way you climb in relation to others
-1You watch your wing for any collapses due to vortexes from the other wings
-1You monitor your Vario more often to avoid getting out-thermaled

1000ft/min is equivalent to
1 5 m/s
-1 1kt
-1 0.5 m/s
-1 2 m/s

The chain of command to follow in case you have a complaint ...
1Club > SAHPA > AeCSA > CAA
-1Club > SAHPA > Court
-1Club > SAHPA > AeCSA > FAI
-1Club > SAHPA > CIVL

Where would you encounter white horses and what do they indicate?
1It is a type of wave on the ocean that one can come across when ridge soaring at the coast
1Wind is picking up. time to land
-1You are passed Kyalami over the Lippizaners, and you are in controlled airspace
-1First pink elephants, now white horses, .. alcohol and high altitude do not mix well

In open air space when 2 gliders meet head on with a risk of collision, what must they do to avoid an accident?
1each one has to move to the right and leave enough leeway for each other
-10each one has to move to the left and leave enough leeway for each other
-1The one with Norhterly heading has to dive and the one with a Southerly heading has to climb
-1Both have to initiate 180 degree hook turns
-1The one who is flying into the sun has got right of way since he can not see the oncoming traffic

As you arive at a flying site you notice a pilot taking off naked
1It is the pilot's 100 flight
-1You are at a nudist flying site. So you also take your clothes off and fly naked
-1The pilot is doing his Sports rating and shows that he is a good sport by flying naked
-1At all coastal sites in South Africa one has to fly naked
-1Meet an addicted pilot who sold his clothes to afford paragliding

Why use a log book
1To record your flying progress
1For licensing and renewal purposes
1Proof of experience, sign-offs, ratings and licences received
1Because CAA regulations expect all pilots to keep a log book
1To keep track of weather and site conditions

What is a reportable accident or incident?
1When a person got injured due to Hang Gliding or Paragliding activity
1When property got damaged due to Hang Gliding or Paragliding activity
1When a pilot shows non compliance with site rules or regulations
-1When a pilot had to abort a takeoff
1Any info which can be useful to avoid future accidents
-5If a pilot demonstrates poor glider control
SAHPA Ops Proc and CAA PArt 1

Why should accidents or incidents be reported?
1For statistics and analysis and see trends.
1To recognize problem areas
-1To collect a reward from SAHPA for every reported incident or accident
-1To eliminate bad pilots

Which official in a Club should be notified and given an accident or incident report?
1The Club Licensing and Safety Officer
-1The Club chairman
-1The Club Treasurer
-1No one in the Club. Reports have to be sent to SAHPA direct.

First time at a new flying site ....
20Contact the person in charge or a member of the Club first
20Check rules and regulations for the site and adhere to them
20Find out about any minimum licence grade required to fly the site
20Ask local pilots re turbulence areas, dangerous conditions
20Fly only with a local pilot on site
-20Just assess the conditions yourself and then fly

To establish a new site that has never been flown before ....
20Obtain permission from all takeoff and landing area landowners
20Negotiate requirements and agreements
20Check on airspace, controlled airspace, any airfields close by
20Check on any local by-laws
20Have the site graded by a senior pilot
-20Just go ahead and start flying

How does the sign off system work for flying sites ...
1If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you might still fly the site under supervision and a sign-off
1It provides for pilots to fly a site graded higher than their rating under certain conditions
-1You sing off an indemnity before flying a site
-1It means that first the experienced pilots takeoff first

As you pulled up your glider to launch you do a final launch check ...
1Look up to the glider and make sure the glider is fully inflated
1Check for any knotted lines
-1You make sure you pulled up the glider the right way around
-1You make sure you have put on your helmet

Scratching ...
1means flying very close to the ground
1 does not give you much room for error
-1is a manoever every student must demonstrate
-1is a preflight test procedure to check the quality of your glider

A stiffy ...
1is another expression for a Hang Glider
-1 is a frozen student in the air not responding to the instructor
-1is an overstressed pilot with too much adrenalin in mental blockout
-1is something only male pilots can have a problem with during flight

A floppy ...
1is another expression for a Paraglider
-1 is a bad Hang Glider landing where the pilot tumbles over
-1is another term for an aborted takeoff
-1is a landing where the canopy falls on your head

Angle of attack describes
1the angle between the air flow towards the wing versus the wing cord
-1 the best bank angle to turn in a thermal
-1the change in profile by toggle pressure
-1climb or sink path by the glider versus horizontal
-1 the way one can enter a thermal to push out a fellow pilot

The wind is blowing straight up with 10km/h at takeoff. And the cloud shadows are moving away from takeoff with 10 m/s into wind
1Looks like the take off is in Rotor, do not launch
-1 Looks like the takeoff is in Rotor, good flying conditions
-1This is a sign for Bergwing conditions, good flying
-1This indicates anabatic conditions, good lift at the peaks behind you

Explain this ...?
10This is Mort
10 This happens to you if your recovery is not organized
10 An example what happens if you do not wear good footwear in South Africa
10 An example of severe dehydration

Flying without a current licence
1 means no insurance coverage at all
-1 has no impact on your insurance cover
-1 has no legal implications
-1 can not put you in jail or give you a fine

A pilot had a hard landing, was briefly knocked out. Now claims that he is ok. He keeps on repeating himself asking the same questions
1 The pilot shows signs of concussion and must be taken to a hospital
-1 Since nothing seems to be wrong with him , he can fly again
1Pilot can not fly for the next 6 weeks
-1 Give him some alcohol to stimulate his blood pressure

Tandem flying ...
1 Is only allowed from Tandem rated registered flying sites
-1 Can be done from any suitable flying site
1 requires to fly with a Tandem reserve parachute
-1 can be done by any Basic rated pilot
CAA Part 94

Training students ...
1 Is only allowed from authorized, rated and registered flying sites
-1 Can be done from any suitable flying site
1 requires to issue the student with a temporary licence to fly
-1 can be done by any Basic rated pilot
CAA Part 94

One can get a fine and/or prison sentence of up to 10 years
1 for not adhering to CAA regulations
1 falsifying your logbook
1 making wrong statements on your application forms
1 flying without a license
1 giving your glider to your buddy who is not licensed
SAHPA Ops and Proc

The requirement to have a license to fly a Paraglider in South Africa
1 is stipulated in the CAA regulations
1 is defined in the SAHPA Operations and Procedure Manual
-1 is defined in the FAI regulations
-1 is defined in the CIVL Section 7 document
-1 is defined in the AeCSA Manual of Procedures
CAA Part 185

Reserve Parachutes are compulsory
25 Tandem Pargliders
25 in competitions
25 when flying a Sports rated Paraglider
25 when flying a Competition rated Paraglider
-1 when flying a Basic rated Paraglider
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 1

The requirement to wear a helmet is defined in
1 the CAA regulations
1 is defined in the SAHPA Operations and Procedure Manual
-1 is defined in the FAI regulations
-1 is defined in the CIVL Section 7 document
-1 is defined in the AeCSA Manual of Procedures
CAA 106 and SAHPA Section 1 Ops and Proc

Not to fly under the influence of Alcohol or drugs is defined in
1 is stipulated in the CAA regulations
1 is defined in the SAHPA Operations and Procedure Manual
-1 is defined in the FAI regulations wrong statements on your application forms
-1 is defined in the CIVL Section 7 document
-1 is defined in the AeCSA Manual of Procedures
CAA regulations and SAHPA Section 1

Hang Gliders and Paragliders have to adhere to Air Navigation Regulations
1 this is defined in the CAA regulations
1 this is defined in the SAHPA Operations and Procedure Manual
-1 is defined in the FAI regulations
-1 is defined in the CIVL Section 7 document
-1 is defined in the AeCSA Manual of Procedures
-1 ANR's do not apply for Hang Gliding and Paragliding
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 1

To fly with an Altimeter
1 is required when you go 500 ft above ground
-1 is not required for flying a Paraglider
-1 is required for ridge soaring at take off height
1 is required when you go higher than 150 meters above the ground
CAA 94.06

A Basic Licence pilot is permitted
1 to fly at Basic-graded sites unassisted
1 to fly under the supervision of a Sport Licensed pilot when flying at a site requiring additional supervision according to the Club rules of the site.
-1 one can fly any site anywhere in South Africa
-1 one can fly only under supervision of a sports rated pilot
-1 one can fly only in provincial Cat 3 competitions
-1 one can not enter in a Cat 2 Nationals Competition
-1 to fly with a passenger
-1 one is allowed to fly any rated canopy
1 to fly BASIC or INTERMEDIATE CLASS paragliders without trim-tabs or multiple-trim setting facilities, until at least 80 flights, in accordance with the guidelines given in the SAHPA Paraglider Classification List.
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 3

A Sport Licence Pilot is permitted
1 to fly any paraglider, in accordance with the guidelines given in the SAHPA Paraglider Classification List
1 to fly at all sites after local site requirements have been met
1 to train as an assistant instructor under the supervision of a SAHPA rated Instructor
-1 to carry a passenger
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 3

Assistant Instructors
1 shall hold a Sport Licence
1 shall have been flying for at least one year
-1 shall hold a Basic Licence
-1 can only teach ground handling
-1 is not allowed to send off students on their first flight
-150 can only teach on tandem intro flights
1 may only do training of students under direct supervision of an instructor, i.e. a rated instructor must be at the same site at the same time, on the ground (not flying).
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 3

What is a Sign Off
1 Authorisation to fly sites of higher grade than the pilot's current licence under supervision
-1 Advising the air traffic on an airfield that winching operations have finished for the day
-1 The time when the start window opens in a competition
-1 After a competition day reporting back that a pilot is down and safe
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 5

Student Pilots ...
1 are under no circumstance allowed to fly without being under direct supervision of a SAHPA rated Instructor
-1 are under no circumstance allowed to fly without being under direct supervision of a rated Sport pilot
-1 are under no circumstance allowed to fly without being under direct supervision of a rated Basic pilot
-1 are under no circumstance allowed to fly without being under direct supervision of a rated Tandem pilot
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 6

In case of a fatality ...
1 inform the SA police immediately
1 do not modify, disturb, change, unclip the body or equipment
1 take photos, if possible
1 inform the SAHPA office or the local SAHPA representative
-1 bury the body to avoid it getting eaten by hyenas or vultures
-1 get a black bag, or use a backpack, stuff the kit and leftovers in it and get the remains to the family
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 7

SAHPA schools ..
1 may only use approved Basic Class paragliders and hang gliders for training
1 may only crash helmets suitable for the sports of hang gliding and paragliding
1 must have an easy accessible First Aid Kit at all times
1 must provide Ground to air communication for at least the first high solo flight
-1 can use any old rag for training students
1 can only train from flying sites which have been registered with SAHPA as suitable training sites
1 can train from any suitable flying site
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 8

SAHPA schools must provide students ..
1 with an official SAHPA Training Proficiency Card and manual,
1 with a temporary SAHPA membership.
-1 with shadecover and hats to avoid heat exhaustion
-1 with plenty of water during training to prevent dehydration
-1 with free recovery during hill training
1 with a formal theory lecture including the issuing of the official training manual and a training type video shall be presented before students are given the opportunity to fly.
-1 with medical aid coverage
SAHPA Ops and Proc Section 8

ICAO stands for
1 International Civil Aviation Organization
-1 International Competition Aviation Organization
-1 Important Civil Aviation Organization
-1 Incident Commission for Aviation Organization

An ICAO map
1 has to be consulted before flying at a new site
1 provides info about airspace restrictions
-1 is not relevant for Paragliding activity
-1 is only providing info for planes that fly above FL100

Driving down the recovery vehicle a steep hill, you loose your brakes ...
1 drive the vehicle into the side of the mountain to slow it down
-1 jump out of the car
-1 roll the vehicle
-1 change into reverse gear
DHV Info 118

An ideal flying site ...
1 has easy access to takeoff to get there on your own
-1 has restricted access and requires special transport to get to takeoff
1 is not to heavy on your backpocket and affordable
-1 costs more than most other flying sites
1 faces in the predominant wind direction and has easy takeoff and landing
-1 is rocky uneven ground, with whirlys coming through, wind most times cross, and the landing is in rotor area
1 offers a big takeoff area for everyone to layout and takeoff when they want
-1 has a small takeoff area where one has to wait for others to takeoff first
1 hosts a spirit where pilots take care of each other and recover each other, also if you are a stranger
1 has a long ridge with lots of space to cater for many pilots ridge soaring

A SAHPA BASIC PG rating corresponds to an
1 IPPI 3 rating
-1 IPPI 5 rating
-1 IPPI 1 rating
-1 IPPI 2 rating

A SAHPA SPORT PG rating and done multiple 30km plus cross country flights corresponds to an
-1 IPPI 3 rating
1 IPPI 5 rating
-1 IPPI 1 rating
-1 IPPI 2 rating

A country team size for a Cat 1 event is determined by
1 The WPRS ranking of that country
-1 Aero ClUb
-1 the SA sports council

National Protea Colours get awarded to the National team
10by the SA sports council
-10 by SAHPA
-10 by Aero ClUb
-10 by FAI

To get a high ranking in the World Pilot Raning System (WPRS)
1 many pilots of a country have to enter Cat 2 and Cat 1 events
1 many pilots of a country have to do well in Cat 2 and Cat 1 events
-1 many pilots of a country have to enter Cat 2 and Cat 3 events
-1 many pilots of a country have to do well in Cat 2 and Cat 3 events

For National or Provincial colors
1 one has to have a development program in place
-1 one has to apply to SAHPA
-1 one has to apply to the department of home affairs
-1 the SAHPA committe will alloocate them

An FAI Sports licence is required for
1 entering in a Category 1 event
1 entering in a Category 2 event
1 entering in a Category 3 event
1 for declaring a world record

A person shows symptoms of slow or irregular speech, shallow or very slow breathing, fatigue, confusion, slow pulse, weakness or drowsiness, shivering, cold, pale skin
1 looks like Hypothermia
-1 looks like Hypoxia
-1 looks like the Bends
-1 looks like concussion
1 treat him by warming up the person, give him warm liquid
-1 give him oxygen
-1 put him in a pressure chamber
-1 give the person a cat scan

The timing when to take off can decide on having a good flight
-1 Takeoff as soon as possible. A good skygod like you will stay up
1 Watch out for indicators, like birds, cloud formation,release cycles, and then decide when to take off
-1 Learn to parawait. Once 50 others managed to climb out get ready to launch
-1 Only takeoff when a strong dusty comes across take off
DHV Info 120

For an XC flight one requires thermals. And thermals are turbulence.
-1I have been given a Basic rating. Can handle everything.
1I try to fly a lot. As often as possible. And I keep my choice open to land when I am not happy with the conditions
-1 When it gets thermic I land and have my first beer
-1 With my DHV 1 rated Paraglider I do not have to worry about any turbulence
DHV Info 120

XC flying requires mental and physical fitness to last for some hours in the air
-1This is not true if you also train for Mr Universe and when you are sponsored by Red Bull
1Doing some regular endurance training helps.
1 During the flight I replenish my body with calories and liquid
1 I fly for fun. When I had enough I find a suitable spot to land
-1 I managed to stay up 42 minutes recently. With no problems. Therefore I can handle any XC
DHV Info 120

For good and great XC flying the weather has to be right
-1 Bullshit. You need the hotest glider to have good XC
1Study the met report, wind forecast, aerosport forecast
1 Study the smoke, wind, cloud development
-1 I watch the other pilots. Once they gone 20 km I will follow them
DHV Info 120

Paragliders are not exactly stable aircraft. Especially in turbulence.
-1 I have read everything on SAT, tumbles and triple loops. I can handle it
1 I work on feeling my glider, control and active flying
1 I have attended a performance flying workshop and exercised assymmetric tucks under supervision
-1 Irrelevant. The fellow who sold me my wing said that this one is absolutely safe
DHV Info 120

To fly XC one first has to get up. Thermal coring ...
-1 Is easy. One side full brake. And the trick is full body weight stearing to support it
1 Requires constant working and feeling and centering the thermals.
1 Takes time to acquire the skill
-1 Just follow other pilots
DHV Info 120

GPS tracks are now on the International XC flightlog
-1 Download an old track into your GPS and then follow that old track to also have a good XC
1Study the track logs of other pilots. When they take off, how they get before they leave, where they find the thermals
1 Use the track logs on the web you get yourself familiar with the new site before you fly there
-1GPS have limited battery life. Too much effort for me to keep those batteries full and use that technology
DHV Info 120

Going XC means landing out and recovery
-1 No need to land out. Just fly back
1Work on your interpersonal skills and you always get some lift back
1 Blond wig and shaved legs helps. Otherwise collect cell phone nubers of fellow pilots
-1If I ever manage to go XC I don't care when and how I make it back
DHV Info 120

In an FAI competition the Hierarchy of Rules is ...
1 FAI General Section overrules Section 7 overrules The Local Regulations overrules Any supplementary notices issued subsequently
-1Any supplementary notices issued subsequently overrule The Local Regulations overrule Section 7 overule FAI General Section
-1 FAI General section overrule CIVL which overrule CAA regulations
-1DHV regulations overrule AFNOR which overrule GAP which overrule RACE
FAI CIVL Section 7 26.1

South Africa is GMT+2
1 means, the time is 2 hours ahead of UTC
-1 means , the time is 2 hours behind of UTC
1 GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time
-1means, South Africa gets a cheaper rate for FAI fees

An anchor is ...
1 a person who assists a pilot during the inflation and pull up by holding the pilot
-1a peg in the ground for the pilot to attach himself during strong wind launch
-1a line with a grapple hook which gets deployed in no wind landings by the pilot
-1a connection that attaches a passenger to the pilot on a tandem

Soarcast reckons 3 knots lift ...
1 about 1.5m/s , minus your 1-1.5 m/s polar sink, weak conditions
-1 about 1.5 m/s thermals
-13 m/s thermals
-13 m/s thermals - 1.5 m/s own polar sink = 1.5 m/s lift
-16 m/s thermals
-16 m/s - 1.5 m/s polar sink = 4.5 m/s lift

Your passenger while doing a tandem vomits...
1 keep your mouth shut and dodge the stuff
-1 shout and swear and get a taste
-1find the quick release and dump the pax
-1find your quick release and leave the pax with the glider to himself

Not checking pilots for FAI Sports license on entering a comp ...
1 can get the comp organizers getting fined by FAI
1 can get the pilots getting dropped from the WPRS
-1 has no impact
-1 will stop RACE from scoring the pilot

The expression IGC is used ...
1 as a track log format to verify flights
-1 for cloud flying, Instrument Glider Conditions
-1 for flying after sunset with a Paraglider, Instrument Glider Conditions
-1 to describe meteorological conditions with poor visibility, Instrument Gliding Conditions

You are about to land in the bundu, still in radio contact with recovery and your GPS is on ...
1 Recovery I am landing 15 km from takeoff on a bearing of 324
-1 Recovery i am going down at S 23 44.567 and E 18 44.567
-1 Recovery I am landing right under the white big puffy cloud
-1 Recovery, I am landing next to the little dam with the yellow daisies and the cows

What is the Alpine Emergency Signal?
1 Within 1 minute 6 times any optical or accoustic signal
-1 Make a snowman with a red scarf
-1 Jodel for 6 minutes
-1 Kick off an avalanche

You got an emergency and flares at hand. In a dry forest area. And the chopper is heading towards you.
1 Avoid using the flares
-1 Shoot off all the flares and get roasted in the forest fire that they might trigger
-1 Wait with the flares until the chopper is right above you and then shoot a hole into his fuel tank. That will make sure that the pilot gets aware of your position.
-1 Use the flares to make a fire for the chopper to see you

HG and PG can only fly in VFR conditions. Not at night. Night is defined for SA as
1 15 minutes after sunset to 15 minutes before sunrise
-1 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise
-1 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise
-1 15 minutes before sunset to 15 minutes after sunrise

Airworthiness of a Paraglider or Hang Glider
1shall be the sole responsibility of the owner or operator
1 has to be in accordance with generally accepted practices for such aircraft
1 has to be in accordance with the SAHPA Ops and Proc manual
-1 is defined in Part 62 of the CAA Regulations

No adherance to CAA regulations
1can result in spot fines ranging from R1.000 to R75.000
1 can result in spot fines imposed by CAA inspectors
-1 can result in spot fines imposed by LSO's
1 can result in Club disciplinary measures

Other expressions used for toggles are
1Steering Line
1 Brakes
-1 Pullies

Keeping a Log Book
1Is required by CAA Regulations
1 is a good idea when you have to renew your licence
1will help you determine the amount of flights and hours of your glider
-1 is not necessary

In case of a fatal accident
1Inform the police
1 Do not move any equipment until cleared by the police
-1take any kit that is still useful
-1leave the body for the local wildlife to feed on

Trim Tabs
1 are for Sport rated pilots only
-1 are used for Beginners only
-1 do not influence or change the wing behaviour
-1 have to be installed on every high performance wing

Airborne and your GPs says it is now 17.42 and sunset accoring to the GPS was 17.39
-1 you are passed sunset and not allowed to fly anymore
1 you got 2 minutes to land
-1 you got another 17 minutes to land
-1 as a Paraglider VFR regulations do not apply
CAA CARS Part 1 - 15 minutes after sunset

Giving your glider to an unlicenced pilot
-1 is ok
1 can get you a fine based on CAA Part 185.00.01(h)
-1 needs an indemnity signed
-1is a good way of promoting the sport
CAA CARS Part 185.00.01 (h)

You are flying a Sport rated 2-3 canopy. Can you give it to a Basic rated pilot to test fly?
1No. This can get you a fine based on CAA Part 185.00.01(h)
-1 only when you get an indemnity signed
-1This is a good way of advancing fellow pilots
CAA CARS Part 185.00.01 (h)

A safety course
-1Is required for a Basic Rating
1Is required for a sport rating
1 Has to be registered and approved by SAHPA
-1Can be held by anyone who reckons he got the know-how
SAHPA Ops and Proc

A SAHPA Category 3 competition
-1 has to be registered after the competition
1has to be registered and approved with SAHPA before the competition
1 requires Paramedics on site
-1can be organized and held by anyone when they feel like it over an undefined time period
SAHPA Ops and Proc

When a Paraglider reckons he flew IFR
-1 then he used GPS Navigation
1 then he used an I Follow Roads approach to avoid a long walk
-1 then he followed Instrument Flight Rules with Airtraffic Controller Clearance
-1 then he had glowsticks attached and flew reverse thermals at night
Go Fly august 2003, JvD

A weather forecast on the web states .. valid 12Z ...
-1 means it is valid at 12.00 local South Africa time
1 means it is valid for 14.00 local South Africa time
-1 means it is valid for lunch time
-1 means it is valid for mid night

The window of a startgate in a comp in South Africa opened at 13.30 and closes 15.30. The IGC track of a pilot shows that he entered the start gate at 13.28
1 IGC is Zulu time. SA is GMT+2. He is ok
-1 He entered the start area too early
-1 He entered the start gate too late
-1 IGC tracks are not used for this
IGC specifications

What is an Incident
1 occurrence, other than an accident, associated with the operation of an aircraft, which affects or could affect the safety of aircraft operations
-1 An aborted takeoff
-1 when you land on your bum
-1 a downwind landing
CAA Part 1

What is an Accident
1 an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight until such time as all such persons have disembarked, during which - (a) a person is fatally or seriously injured, aircraft sustains damage or structural failure, aircraft is still missing after an official search has been terminated, the aircraft is in a place where it is completely inaccessible
-1 when a passenger got airsick
-1 When the pilot got airsick
-1 when you get a collapse on your wing
CAA Part 1

Supine means
1Flying flat, not upright, reducing drag
-1 Flying in an upright position
-1 Super Inert air mass, very stable air
-1 a flying maneuver where the glider does a quick 180 degree turn

Below takeoff is a cloudlayer. And one can not see landing through it. But you are in contact with other pilots at the bottom. Who confirm that the landing visibility is ok. And the cloud layer is notthat thick.
1You opt not to fly
-1 You takeoff, fly as far away from the hill, until you reach the cloud layer. Then spiral through it to get through it fast.
-1 After takoff, stay close to the ridge and follow the contour of the slope
-1 You fly straight away from the hill and never change do any wing adjustment with the toggles

This picture shows ...
1Dangerous flying conditions with poor visibility
-1Ideal flying conditions with good visibility
-1An ideal takeoff site
-1Good thermal acitvity on takeoff

This picture shows ...
1an IPPI card
-1an FAI Sports licence
-1a CAA Sports pilot licence
-1a SAHPA lincence

To be selected onto the National and get Protea colors
1one has to have a South African Passport
-1one has to have a South African ID book
-1One has to have a South African residence
-1One has bid the most in the auction held by SAHPA
SA Sports Council

Minimum age to start flying and get a licence for PG is
114 to start and fly under supervision of an Instructor until 16 when one can get a licence
-112 to start and 14 to get a licence

Landing in a game reserve
1is not advisable
-1is no problem
-1is forbidden
-1is lots of fun

A rescue helicopter is lowering a line / cage to airlift a crash victim
1let the line/cage first touch the ground to discharge static
-1 catch the goodie before it touches the ground and gets caught
-1 tie down the goodie to a tree once you got it
-1 chase the chopper away to avoid having to pay for it
PADI rescue diver

You managed to land in a power line
1 do not touch any other cables or the ground. Jump, fall to the ground
-1 Hold on to as many other cables as possible ( and get fried)
-1 wait for help to hand you a rope or a ladder
-1get towards the next mast and then climb down

You managed to break a powerline which is now on the ground and you landed next to it
1 hop with your feet as close together as possible away from the cable
-1 walk away quickly
-1 stay and wait for help
-1 lie down flat on the ground

While Parawaiting
1Shade is important in South Africa
-1 bring along your pets
-1 readjust your equipment
-1 keep your glider lying in the sun

Flying a wing without meeting the specs in the Glider Classification list
1can invalidate your insurance cover
-1shows that you are a good pilot
-1 makes you an experienced pilot
-1 will ensure that you can outthermal everyone else

This pilot ..
1shows a good attitude in wearing a helmet and boots
-1is taking a chance
-1 one as to wear a flightsuit in SA
-1 is demonstrating how to attract some chicks
Misses James

This picture shows ...
1a dust devil (on Mars)
-1an inversion
-1 a katabatic windflow
-1 an anabtic wind flow

Which are Paraglider Test Standards
-1 DIN

What ratings does CEN have for Paragliders
-1 Standard, Performamce
-1 Basic,Intermediate, Competition

Which CEN Paraglider rating is Designed for all pilots including pilots under all levels of training.
-1A only
-1 Basic
-1 1

This HG ...
1Is flying upside down, and is prepared with 2 reserves
-1is showing weightshift
-1 is flying normal
-1 is in a left turn

While flying in a task during a comp you hear ...task cancelled...
1Ignore, once a pilot has taken off a task can only be stopped
-1confirm on the radio that the task is cancelled
-1 pull big ears and land immediately
-1 press Mark Enter on your GPS , then land

This picture shows ...
1A fun flight during Coupe Icare
-1A simple approach to have recovery
-1 A powered paraglider
-1 a take-off gone wrong