Dunnottar   S26 21.485 E028 28.384   FADR

 DUNNOTTAR (SAAF) FADR               26 21S  028 28E 1620    Airband 125.4 

South East of JHB.   Between Nigel and Springs.  At the R51 M45 Intersection.

Iweathar station http://www.iweathar.co.za/display.php?s_id=61  located on the center lamp post in the base.

Info on how to use the Iweathar station via cell phone .  Laura's weather tips 

For NOAA weather forecast use   http://www.ready.noaa.gov/ready2-bin/main.pl?Lat=-26.35&Lon=28.46 

SAWB Spot Graph  http://old.weathersa.co.za/Aerosport/ShowSpotGraphNEWMODEL.jsp?img=-26.3528.46 

Site Details

Unfortunately under a 700m ATO TMA , 7600ft ASL, of JHB International in the JHB Special Rules Area  

 See AIC 45.1   and  SRA Info for details.

 Club Rules

Winch site. Takes any wind direction.

Airspace Info   TMA   and   CTA   in Earth Google kml file.

Typical no wind day showing the usual trigger points , flying a small triangle.  Leonardo kmz file 

As usual The Army Base,  The Quarry , The Brickworks, and the NE corner had thermals.


XNTRIX club manages the site.
Site fee for non members.  And pay the winch operators for getting a winch launch.
Pre arrange with one of the winch operators or club members when you plan to come and fly to be accommodated.
Do not just rock up and expect someone will winch you.

If you want to fly during the week, arrange with the winch operators.
In a SE wind one can only go about 18 km before one hits the JHB CTR at Ergo /  Carnival City.

Shortest way out under the TMA is towards Balfour, 40km , in a N-NW.
From Balfour onwards one can go 1700m ATO, 3300mASL or Fl110.

How to get there

From JHB on N12 to Daveyton R51 offramp, then on R51 into Springs. Once you get into Industrial area, 60km/h zone, take the 2nd turnoff to the right  signposted by N17 Hospital. Over the railway bridge, left and either keep following the R51. Or, shortcut, follow N17 hospital sign, go past the hospital, and onto the N17 Secunda direction. Next offramp, back onto the R51.

On the R51 towards Nigel until you get to the Dunnottar Base M45 turnoff. Left towards the base and then immediately at the fence right.

You see a sign at the fence stating Xntrix Paragliding club. On the old tar road turn right at the 2nd gate/dirt road entrance.


Alternative Sites

 Stilbaai  at the Vaaldam

Or arrange with the Xntrix club to go winching in Balfour, which is outside the 700m height restriction. One can go there 1700m high.

Where to stay

Somewhere around JHB,  Road Lodge at the Carnival City.  Emerald Guesthouse in Selcourt/Springs, 6 Lena Road, 011 363 1329, 083 741 0155


 Where to eat and drink

Italian Club on the way to Nigel after the golf club.

 Devils Inn Pizza in Selbourne

 Wimpy in Nigel, 

 Melkcan in Selbourne,   

  PicknPay and Wimpy in Sharon Park


  What else to do

Bird watching in Marievale  wetlands   http://www.birding.co.za/pbc/marie.htm

Play Golf in Marievale ( with springboks)  or Nigel Golf club.