Stilbaai at the VaalDam

 125.6 Mhz  and 124.8 airband

NOAA weather for  Stilbaai  



KMZ File   Winch Site     Site Rules        Directions


By invitation only . Do not rock up and use the site. First check with locals if ok to come and use the field. 

Thanks to Ben Mienie, the farmer has relented and is allowing us to continue flying at Stilbaai flying site.


The farmer has made the rules more strict, therefore they will be applied more strictly as well, including the rules pertaining to the Stilbaai Yacht Club itself.


This is a PRIVATE flying site, and Ben Mienie is the Site Manager of the flying site, as appointed by the farmer. The flying site has no direct links to the Stilbaai Yacht Club (the flying site land does not belong to the Yacht Club), but Ben has arranged certain benefits - such as the use of the Yacht Club facilities (swimming pool, club house and ablution block) for the pilots and their families at a special daily rate of R10 per person (fee also payable by the pilot). This special rate does not stretch to camping and other fees at the Stilbaai Yacht Club, except as given in the attached rules, and Ben has to sign in the person (only Ben has permission to apply for the reductions and it is valid only for paragliding pilots - abuse of these concessions can lead to cancellation of the concessions).


The total number of pilots on the site has been reduced to 10 per day. The number of people in my group may not exceed 5 at any time. That includes my students! It makes it imperative to book before rocking up to fly. The total number will include people who bring their own winches. Anyone pitching up without prior booking, with or without their own winch, will not be allowed to fly.


Ben and people appointed by him in his absence are the custodians of the site and must be at Stilbaai when any flying is in progress. Neither Ulf nor I are custodians of Stilbaai flying site or members of the Stilbaai Yacht Club.


I can still use the site during the week, under the same rules.


The management of the Stilbaai Yacht Club does not want pilots to land inside the yacht club area. Only pilots who are also Stilbaai Yacht Club members may land inside the yacht club area. Under no circumstances may any visiting pilots land there, regardless of whether they are camping there or whether they are guests of a member. They must land outside the perimeter of the Yacht Club premises.


Site fees remain R20 per day per pilot. In order to save on site fees, regular pilots can pay an annual fee of R400. Pilots who have paid the annual fee are also obliged to book as the total numbers may not exceed 10 pilots on any day.


Booking for flying at Stilbaai flying site is through me, only, in order to avoid exceeding the total number inadvertently.


Disregard of any of the rules may lead to permanent banning from the flying site.


Attached are the general rules for the flying site and Stilbaai Yacht Club.


Please respect these rules. We have to adhere to both the wishes of the farmer and the Stilbaai Yacht Club in order to continue flying at this site.


Best regards


Laura Nelson
Funwings CC/Funventures Paragliding
P O Box 8587
Edenglen 1613
Republic of South Africa
Tel: 082-678-1392
Fax: 086-618-2057

Just at the edge of the TMA   

8MB scanned file of JHB maps  SW and SE 


 WGS2628CC   WGS2628CD 

Best for NW wind

Stay on the tracks, big rocks growing in the field

Laura decided to go offroad, hit and moved that rock from where she stands  ... and killed her bakkie 

What else todo

Watersports , mountain bike, or check out the Klipkraal ruins.


Where to Stay

With Laura 

Laura has moved her PG school to a house next to Stilbaai 

 S 26 49.012 E 028 09.787

 S 26.81686  E 028.16311

S 26 49' 01" E 028 09' 47"

Plot 42



 +27 82 678 1392

She offers a B+B service and winching.

The west access road in wet conditions is a good 4x4 test track. 

The recommended way is via the Aeolions road (blue), to the east, just before the Stilbaai entrace.


Take the right fork at the Aelions sign on the dirt road


One might require a cellphone booster in the area for Internet access     

Stay at Stilbaai


Ben and Laetitia Mienie have accommodation available for people, especially pilots, wanting to spend time at the Vaal Dam.


Kiewiet Kothuis:

Space for at least 6 people - room with double bed, two single beds in the "loft", as well as a sleeper couch for two. Two people can also sleep on the covered porch. Fully furnished, bedding, towels, charcoal for braai, pots, pans, the works.


Breakfast can be provided if pre-booked. Also salads, etc, for braai.


Winching can be provided but you may bring your own winch. Also a boat winch available. Retrieval can be arranged for a fee (ceiling at take off 1700m agl). Also yacht trips, when possible.


Great place for hiking, running, cycling, sailing AND flying! Sailing club clubhouse available for DSTV, volley ball, pub.


Contact Laetitia Mienie on 083-538-6357.


The Peninsula

Within private property. Inside a "game reserve".

Contact is Louis van der Westhuizen for access.

Best for SE. In a E water too close to warm up air.  In a NW also water too close to warm up air.

  Google Earth kmz file


Food and Drink ...

The Dodo Club in Vaal Marina

7 Schwaben German Food Restaurant on the way to Deneysville

Three Rivers Mall , Mimmos, Wimpy, Dros, ....


 082 911 -  Medicross and hospital opposite of Three Rivers Mall