SAHPA Computer based Test System Operations Manual

This manual assumes the code is installed, for tips on how to install and setup see the Installation Manual

 Create a new Test Package

Whoever is in charge at SAHPA to create test does

    start the SAHPA  Create_a_Test.exe file

   Type in the Name of the pilot , this will later create a zip file called
  Enter the SAHPA membership number

   Choose if it is a Basic or Sports rated test

    Decide on the amount of questions from each subject

    Click on the Create a Test  button

  A file gets created

   Send that file as an email attachment to whoever will supervise the test

 Receive,   Unpack and run a Test Package

   The person who will supervise and verify the identity of the pilot who takes the test ,
   receives in an email the zip file
   detaches the zip file
   unzips the file
   a directory called pilot_name will be created
   locate the new created directory called pilot_name
   start the  SAHPA TEST.exe file when the test person is ready

       pilot takes the test

   afterwards locate the file called  funny_number.str  in the pilot_name directory

  Attach funny_number.str to an email and send it back to whoever  at SAHPA send you the test package in the first place

   Look at the Results.html file to see where the pilot failed or scored.

 Print 2 copies of the funny_number.txt  file.  Pilot and test supervisor sign those 2 copies.
  Pilot gets one copy as proof that he attended the test and maybe passed.
  Supervisor keeps the other copy and sends it back to SAHPA office sometime.

  Process the Results of a Test

  Whoever at SAHPA receives the funny_number.str  file .
 The file extension  str stands for SAHPA Test Result.

   detach the funny_number.str file in a directory where you keep all the returned results files

    Start the Receive_Test_Results.exe file

    choose the funny_number.str  file

   see the results, and if you want, create a full html document of the complete test

  If the pilot passed and meets all the other remaining criteria, issue the rating/ licence.