Computer and Web based Multiple Choice Test Program

 copyright by Ulf Arndt, free shareware, 2005

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This code was developed to replace the current hand written SAHPA Paragliding Sports license test by a computer based test.

To enable SAHPA to meet the requirements by CAA and Aero Club for
   auditability  = when was which test taken, by whom, with what score, which answers were correct, ...
   traceability = test was taken at that date, at that venue,
 authentication = test was really taken by that person without any help by a 3rd party

There are 2 components available:

  1.  A Web based online product to test your knowledge and prepare yourself for the test
  2. A stand alone VB based PC product for taking the real test

Component 1- The interactive Web based version

 This has to be hosted on a webserver.
 Pilot would visit the website from his webbrowser.
 Choose some are of interest.
  The questions and answers get mixed up by random.
 Every test is a different sequence.
 Pilots can test their knowledge interactive with immediate feedback on their score.

 The code is Java based servlet. Requires a webserver that runs Tomcat, WebSphere or similar product.

 The questions and answers, along with pictures, are xml based.

 Link to the static web site with sample test questions

Link to the  interactive sample  website, based on JAVA J2EE,  lost my J2EE server,

Component 2 - The Visual Basic based PC test package

This package got 2 major items
  1. An server component for the office which generates individual test data
  2. A client component, which gets sent to the person who takes or supervises the test along with the test data
VB PC based Server
From a pool of questions, the code picks by random a subset , and then generates an individual test package for each pilot .
It zips together the test questions and the client code into one file. Which can then be sent to the person who runs the test as an email attachment.
VB PC based client code
The zipped  and encrypted package will be emailed to a SAHPA representative who lives close to the pilot that wants to take the test.
The pilot would then arrange a date and time when to meet the SAHPA representative and take the test on a PC or Laptop.
The real test will have a time limit  and can only be taken once .
While the sample version available on this web site allows an unlimited number of tries.

Once you decide that you have answered all the questions to the best of your knowledge, or in case you reached the time limit, your test gets scored immediately.
And the results will then be sent back to the SAHPA office by encrypted email.

Each Question has one or multiple correct answers.
Some questions are in red, indicating that they are must answer correct questions.
If you answer those ones wrong you failed the whole test.

Very wrong answers can score negative.

If, you want, you can download some sample zip test packages to see what a real test could look like

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 Some more documentation

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