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Definition of a skygod, according to Ria Shear....,  if you are high and have a massive collapse and you say "Oh God!"
and a voice says from below  "Yes, my son ...?"


Some writeups that might help YOU improve your flying and become a skygod!

Articles and info


Glider Performance

  • How to make your Glider fly further, also called Speed to Fly and other Applets
  • How to outclimb everyone else by best turning in a thermal
  • For those with a built in computer in their head, some formulas and conversion tips


SA Airlaw, competitions and records

Reserve Parachutes

Weather Links

  • A very brief intro how one can determine the weather for Paragliding in SA  4Dummies
  • For those who want to determine what the weather will do in South Africa today, the South African Weather 
  • and Meteorology for super cross country flying along with some T-Phi Temp Sounding info .. explained
  • A weatherlink presentation in MS Powerpoint, giving you an idea what you can get off the web to decide where to fly
  • How to interprete NOAA READY  Sounding data to figure out if the day will be good ,  html  or Power Point

Payout Winch Operation


Interesting Happenings

  • Photos of a Papillon reserve deployment at Paulpietersburg competition (September 2005)


  • Collapse at Bedford Mountain during the 2005 Eastern Cape comp (October 2005)

"When the Paramedics arrived, ... the pilot is fine, it was only a tree landing ...."

Bedford SE Take-Off

Tree Landing ... EC Style  QuickTime Player required, 2.3MB

Basic and Sport Licence tests

For those who are preparing for the Basic and Sports licence tests, info to pass the theory tests, can be found in:

Computer based Test sample

Try this! It is interesting and gives lots of feedback.

More useful links

Other useful links to widen your knowledge and improve your flying and not create any trouble for fellow pilots or yourself.

Flying Sites

Some Flying Site Information - know what is required.

The Online Contest

Some OLC Online Contest Info for SA pilots - how to score their flights.

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